The Unmaking of Eden


 A young girl (Eden) and her toddler sister (Hope) escape from a cult-like religious commune in upper North Dakota under suspicious circumstances that leave a man dead. Wanted by the police, with no money or support system, Eden hides out in plain sight: in a public high school.  

When initial examination of the dead man’s body points to an overdose of a new, highly-regulated drug, the drug company’s founder-and-CEO, Peter Cannon, comes on the scene to seek answers. But when he finds a frightened and wanted fugitive hiding secrets beyond his imagination, what will he do? 


Continue the journey with Eden, Hope, Peter and Brandon to its inevitable conclusion.

Currently in draft stage, this two-book series has an anticipated publication date of Fall, 2019.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath

A YA Anthology

Are you a slow-to-burn person who simmers until you explode? Or does your anger flash hot and bright, only to be extinguished moments later? Does revenge calm the rage? The twenty-one authors of Wrath's volume in the young adult series Seven Deadly Sins have their own ideas. 

Look for the release on Amazon in August, 2017. All proceeds to be donated to the charity First Book. 

Gone Missing

Lydia has lost much in her short life. She's always hated her foster mother’s frequent trips to Walmart, where she's forced to babysit her foster brother. She's not even allowed to linger in the parking lot to watch the crazy homeless woman who's captured her attention. But one  day, when a silver charm in the jewelry section catches Lydia's eye, she  becomes convinced things will change--that the charm will work wonders and mend her broken heart. 

About Me

My background

I'm a left-brained professional by day, masquerading as a right-brained artiste by night, writing stories, the occasional poem, and more recently my first novel series. 

I am so pleased to introduce the real world to the imaginary one in my head: The Unmaking of Eden is a two-book upmarket fiction series, with planned release date of Fall, 2019. 

Though I've worn each of my disguises with pride, I've never revealed the one identity to the other. Now I worry that I can no longer distinguish which face is real and which is the mask.

My writing roots

I've been writing stories since the second grade, when I spent the whole year penning my future autobiography. I started my first novel at age twelve -- made it to about 45 pages, but had yet to figure out a plot, so I abandoned. 

Flash forward years... far, far too many in school, one preteen, a vicious cat, and an unfulfilled desire to discover a theory I could name after myself... and I started assembling my writings into a novel. 

I grew up, but somehow my characters didn't. I still write stories about twelve-year-olds. My daughter thinks this is weird.

My style

My primary love is drama, writing characters who live and breathe and love and hate each other with fierce passion. But I'm easily bored and want to be swept away in a gripping story, too. I hope to sweep my readers away with me. The Unmaking of Eden includes flavors of mystery, action and romance, along with light dystopian speculative elements.

I'm a sucker for snark, so it figures prominently. Poetic prose really floats my boat, so I aim for that and probably miss the mark by a planet or two. But I'm never short on hyperbole. I can hyberbolize with the best of them. Sometimes I even win.


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